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We pride ourselves on offering tableware that is practical, stylish and eco-friendly. Our disposable party plates are produced by using environment friendly methods. They are all 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable too! They are also strong and sturdy, suitable for oily foods and the wear and tear of a busy party.

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Eco-friendly product in India

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Discover the advantages of making the most of our areca sheath dinnerware as a wholesaler: individual consultations, special branding on request and speedy delivery. Thanks to our very own workshop, we are able to send even large quantities of areca dinnerware quickly and easily.

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Earthens offers the finest dinnerware, crafted by hand in small quantities from the best areca sheaths: Quality you can admire and return to the earth after its use. Among our products you will find few selected range of birch wood cutleries complementing Earthens Dinnerware.

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Eco-friendly disposable plates